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Why you should consider doing a First Look!

First looks...

What is it?
It is the grand moment you see each other before your ceremony.

Why should you do one?
I hear time and time again people say they don't want a first look because it's not traditional and they always dreamed of his reaction as she walks down the isle.
Spoiler alert! First looks are way more intimate and personal! You will still get his reaction, maybe even more with a first look because it is a moment set aside for the two of you...and your photographer. You can write a letter to each other, give a gift, make it personal! Your wedding day is fast paced and surrounded by your friends and family. I encourage you to set this private moment aside before your ceremony for just the two of you. I promise he will still have the reaction you are looking for as you walk down the isle. That is a HUGE moment in your life!

Of course doing a first look also helps with your timeline. It ensures enough time for all of your portraits without making your guest sit around and wait. We still suggest capturing your family portraits after your ceremony. Typically this is during your cocktail hour. Doing a first look sets the mood and timeline for the whole day.

Clearly we are huge supporters of doing a first look. Are you still in search for your perfect photographer? We would love to document your first look and your big day! Message us your wedding day dreams at photographyssm@gmail.com. We are offering $200 OFF all remaining 2017 dates!

Will you be doing a first look?