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What IS the F R E E engagement photoshoot? Is it really FREE? Yes!

The FREE engagement photoshoot is the perfect time for you to be able to work with us through the whole process (risk free!), fall in love with your portraits and your experience. THEN we will discuss booking your big day! Which allows you to be able to book your big day with confidence! The photoshoot is 100% FREE! If you LOVE your portraits and experience, then we will discuss booking your big day.

The photoshoots on average last up to 45 minutes within the Grand Haven area. You will get a full online gallery to show off and share with your friends/family.

Your wedding day isn't the time to "try out" your photographer! We want you to be confident! Your wedding team is a group you will be celebrating with on one of the biggest days of your LIFE and the months leading up to it.

100% Free - 100% Confident!



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