Rebecca and Flynt Wedding Inspiration


Brides name: Rebecca Jeanne Johnson (Newland)

Grooms name: Flynt Michael Johnson


Wedding date: May 12, 2018

Getting ready venue: AmericInn Hotels - Greenville, Michigan

Ceremony venue: Montcalm County Fairgrounds Ash Building East Wing - Greenville, Michigan

Reception venue: Montcalm County Fairgrounds Ash Building - Greenville, Michigan

Where did you purchase your dress: Beckers Bridal - Fowlerville, Michigan


Where did you purchase the bridesmaid dresses? David’s Bridal

Where did you purchase the grooms attire? JC Penny’s

Where did you purchase the groomsmen attire? Men’s Warehouse

Who was your florist? Self

Who was your baker and caterer? Pat Heartman


Who was your DJ? John Davis Entertainment

Who was your videographer and photographer? Snap Studios!

Who was your hair and makeup artist? Thomas and Company Hair Salon - Greenville, Michigan

Are there any vendors you used that we are missing? No most items were owned or purchased by the bride including centerpieces, chair covers, chair sashes, and lantern holders

How did you two meet? Tinder


How did you/he/she propose? He asked just after midnight on New Year’s Eve! We spent the night celebrating with most of our closest friends and family!

Where did you go on your honeymoon? We decided to do a one year anniversary trip in lieu of a traditional honeymoon!


What would you tell future brides who are planning their weddings? Start early!  

What was your favorite part about wedding planning? Picking every little detail out and making our wedding entirely customized!

What was your favorite part of the day on your wedding day? My favorite part of the entire day was right before the reception. I got my dress bustled and I had about a full two minutes with my groom! Those two minutes were so surreal... I realized I married the man of my dreams and that the rest of the night was going to be a celebration for the both of us! Remember to give yourself a little time on your day to be with your groom!


Stress-Free Wedding Day Hair

You’ve got the man of your dreams, a gorgeous ring, and the perfect let's get you to the church on time!! Your hair and makeup complete your bridal look and running on time is a must.

Blog post written by Amanda Neeley from Amanda Neeley Hair

Photos from Snap Studio

Let’s take a look at a few important questions you should be asking your stylist before your big day! 


1.Do you have any photos of your previous work?

This may be an question you can answer yourself. Any confident and professional stylist today will at least have an Instagram or Facebook page devoted to their business. Take a minute to browse through some of your stylist’s social media and see if their work compliments the style and look you are going for. You can tell a lot about a stylist from just looking at their portfolio. A stylist or salon with a website is a bonus, some may even have their contract available online to view or print yourself.



2. Will you have to travel to them or will they travel to you?

For today’s bride, the convenience of having an on-site “Glam Squad” can really remove a lot of stress on your big day. Ideally, you would plan for the entire bridal party to also have their hair and/ or makeup done on location or in-salon with you, including the mother of the bride & groom. When scheduling, you will need to be able to provide the names of all of the bridesmaids, flower girl, and mothers or grandmothers that will need to be styled. Another added benefit is that it allows your photographer an opportunity to capture your “getting ready“ photos with all the women you love in one place!

3. How do you charge for wedding services?

Is there an additional rate to compensate for the stylist’s travel? Do I need to pay a deposit in order to book the appointment? Are you going to be able to accommodate the entire wedding party? Make sure that your stylist has a contract that clearly states the expectations for the day so that you both feel comfortable. You may also want to ask which method of payment is preferred, whether cash or credit card, ensuring that the exchange will run smoothly.


4. Will you do a trial run before the wedding?

Doing a trial run will ensure that your hairstyle compliments both your face shape, dress style, and personal taste. Before you schedule a trial, ask if it’s included as part of the wedding contract or if there will be an additional fee. Make sure that you bring any headpieces, veils, or other hair accessories with you so that your stylist can plan for their placement while designing your custom style.




Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 12.17.24 PM.png

H5. Do you have an assistant or will you be the only stylist?

If your wedding party is large it may require more than one stylist to accommodate you all. If this is the case, make sure that any additional stylists are included in your contract and that any and all fees are clearly explained. Make sure that your stylist has a solid schedule lined up for the entire bridal party. Ensure that your hair is scheduled to be done last, after the rest of your bridal party, so that your hair and makeup have the freshest application.


How soon should you plan to talk to your stylist about these questions?

As soon as you have chosen a date, you should be contacting your stylist. Your stylist may book out months in advance if they are well known for specializing in bridal styling. This will allow you ample time to consult with them and plan out any color or haircut appointments, trial runs, and the wedding day schedule!

Happy Wedding Planning from all of us at Snap Studio!