Elaina & Ryan's Winter Wedding

Elaina and Ryan's special day was nothing short of a winter-wonderland wedding dream! Here, at Snap Studio, we hope to help those planning their special days know where to start when looking for vendors. We asked the bride, Elaina, a few questions about her planning process, vendors used, and special moments. Read on to find some truly magical wedding inspiration! 

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Brides name: Elaina Stewart (Maiden name is: Peets)

Grooms name: Ryan Stewart

Wedding date: 2/10/2018

Getting ready venue:

Shoreline Inn

This photo was taken in Muskegon at  18th Amendment Distillery

This photo was taken in Muskegon at 18th Amendment Distillery

Where did you purchase your dress?

Between Brides in Grandville (second hand dress store) 

Where did you purchase the bridesmaid dresses?


Where did you purchase the groom's attire?

Men's Warehouse

Where did you purchase the groomsmen attire?

Men's Warehouse

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Who was your florist?

Who was your baker?

My friend Sara is a pastry chef and baked our wedding cake as a gift! We also bought sheet cakes from Costco to serve to our guests. The cake was delicious and we saved money!

Who was your caterer?

Harris Hospitality

Who was your DJ?

Ken from Rusch Entertainment

Who were your videographer and photographer?

Snap Studio (photographer: Deb Kalsbeek & Erica Bacon; videographer: Stephen Proctor)

Who was the brides makeup artist? 

Hairitage Salon

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Who was your hair artist?

Who was the bridesmaids makeup artist?

Marcie Hurlbutt (friend of the bride)

Are there any other vendors that we are missing?

The ladies got their nails done at Thai Cottage Salon in Muskegon. The wedding rings were bought at Jensen Jewelers in Hudsonville. The majority of our wedding décor was provided by Chalet Floral, as well.

How did you two meet?

We met through our best friends, Dustin and Alicia Jett. They happened to also be our Matron of Honor and Best Man. Ryan was not too fond of the idea of being set up and I thought this set up was too good to be true. After a good year or so of knowing each other, we decided to give dating a shot. Now, here we are - happily married!

How did he propose?

We had been dating about 4 years or so when we started to talk more about marriage. Ryan suggested we should go ring shopping together. After giving him a few suggestions, I knew the big question was going to come sooner than later! Ryan knew that he had to be creative to catch me off guard. One day while I had a long evening at work, Ryan set up our entry room in our apartment with pictures of us and flame-less candles (as we couldn't have real ones in that old historic home). Ryan picked me up from work and as soon as we got in the door, he got down on one knee and proposed right there. I definitely was surprised and said yes! He had wine poured and ready to celebrate together! 

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Where did you go on your honeymoon?

We have decided to have a delayed honeymoon and the plan is to go around our 1 year anniversary. We found that this took off a lot of pressure, as we wanted to really focus on finalizing all the wedding details first. We are planning to go to Florida next winter and stay on the ocean!

What would you tell future brides who are planning their weddings?

I didn't feel a ton of pressure until up to a month or two before the wedding. I asked myself daily, "what is 1 thing I can do today to check something off my list?" This would often lead to a few things being checked off. Asking myself daily this kept me focused and kept tasks much more manageable. I also reached out to family/friends who had offered help and delegated a task or part of the wedding day for them to manage. All of these small tasks that were completed during our wedding day really helped to keep things moving smoothly without any major hiccups. 

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We loved being a part of Elaina and Ryan's special day along with many other vendors that made this wonderful event possible. Keep an eye out for more wedding inspiration on our Snap Studio blog each month by following us on social media. Happy wedding planning!