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Just like hiring Snap Studio there’s an easy way to keep your wedding experience on the path of being stress free and under budget. We sat down with Nicole, owner of Chic Travel Boutique to get insider tips on how to plan and book an amazing honeymoon!


“Luxury Travel” doesn’t refer to a specific budget range or hotel category, but rather “the absence of worry” — the peace of mind that your trip will be smooth, seamless, and perfectly matched to your specific interests & preferences. Whether it’s the bachelor/bachelorette trip, the honeymoon, or destination wedding, working with a Travel Advisor allows you to relax and focus on what matters most, quality time with your friends & loved ones.


Nicole is an experienced Travel Advisor that has first-hand experience in over 26 countries around the world. She has deep vendor connects that can ensure your trip with be nothing short of amazing. The best part is, all her services are FREE. Yes, FREE!


Some people think, “Why use a Travel Advisor when I can just go on Expedia and book everything myself?” Today’s travel agent is highly trained, well-traveled and has an extensive list of industry contacts, just in case they need to call in a favor. You’d have to spend half your free time online and the other half on the road to come close to that level of expertise.


01. What does Chic Travel Boutique do?

Chic Travel Boutique provides travel planning & booking services for modern travelers. We specialize in planning and booking honeymoons, destination weddings, romantic getaways, special occasion trips and group travel.


02. What is the benefit of using a Travel Advisor?

Researching trips online is easy and fun, but when it comes to booking your trip, there are tons of advantages to working with a Travel Advisor. We can offer you the benefit of experiences, insider access to discounts not widely advertised, package deals and a range of itinerary options, one-stop shopping for air, car, and accommodation reservations, and last but not least, peace of mind. Also, we’re saviors and advocates when travel plans go awry.


03. What is the cost to use your services?

The best part about using Chic Travel Boutique is all our services are 100% free to our clients!


04. What are your top places you book honeymoons to?

I book a lot of trips to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Greece and the French Polynesia Islands. I also book a lot of Hawaii vacations as well. I am dying to book a honeymoon to Maldives, a tropical lover’s paradise. Maldives is an unspoiled, romantic place to relax and enjoy the perfect start to your union.


05. What tips do you have for brides wanting to book their honeymoon?

Even before you start consulting with a Travel Advisor, you’ll want to have a discussion with your partner about what kind of trip you want to take as a newly married couple. Do you want to go to an all-inclusive resort, or do you want to take a cruise or do you want to do something more adventurous like island hopping? You’ll also want to look at the geography and decide on what type of scenery you want most. Are you hoping for some place tropical? Mountainous? Historic? These factors will help you narrow down the location itself. Picking a honeymoon destination should be a true reflection of who you are as a couple. Your honeymoon should be a ‘trip of a lifetime’, so make sure to choose a destination you’ll never forget and dream about returning to on future anniversaries.


Partner with a Travel Advisor, we have insider knowledge on deals and discounts and cultivate personal relationships with suppliers, which can sometimes mean a room is suddenly available in a booked-solid resort. We can also save you endless research and can offer first-hand destination knowledge. We help you choose the perfect destination with the right fit for you as a couple, we do all the planning, researching, booking, and we are available 24/7 while you are on your trip. My job is not finished until my client returns home.

Don’t wait until the very last minute to plan and book your trip, it is super important to partner with a Travel Advisor about 8 months out. The best time to book a trip is typically 6-8 months prior to travel, especially if you are planning on going to a specialized resort, premium room’s book up early.


Make sure you consider the time of year you are planning on taking your trip and how that might affect your trip location, prices, weather etc. For example if you are planning on going to St. Lucia for your honeymoon in October, know that there is a greater chance of rain due to hurricane season and rainy season in the Caribbean is from September-mid November. Consider picking another destination that isn’t affected by hurricane season, like the Hawaiian Islands, or consider pushing your honeymoon back until early December (before prices skyrocket before the holidays).


06. Can a couple still take a honeymoon with a small budget?

Of course! There are so many affordable ways to still totally relax and enjoy your honeymoon. All-inclusive resorts and cruises are a great place to start, since there are fewer expenses beyond what you pay when we book your trip- meaning you’ll know roughly how much the trip will cost before you get there. I am also a huge supporter of honeymoon funds. If you’re comfortable with it, set up part of your registry to encourage guests to skip the gift in favor of contributing to your trip, which will help ease the cost on your end.


Get started planning your getaway by visiting Chic Travel Boutique. Let’s get social! Check out their Instagram and Facebook pages for more travel tips and ideas for your getaway.

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