Real marriage advice

What are your names?  Doug and Nicole LaCroix

Wedding December 29, 1993

How did you two meet?  Doug and Nicole met through mutual friends after college

Who made the first move?  After four months of dating, Nicole said she wanted to tell Doug something but she didn’t want him to respond.  She then told him she loved him and keeping with his promise, he said nothing.

What was your wedding day like?  Doug and Nicole actually Eloped to the Bahamas.  The wedding took place at 10:00 am on Xanadu Beach  Dec 29, 1993.  They  were married by the Reverend Reno Smith.

Did you go on a honeymoon? Where to?  Doug and Nicole stayed on Grand Bahama Island.  Rented a single Moped and cruised the island.

How long have you been married?  25 years last December

What was the toughest year of marriage?  We wouldn’t say that we had a difficult year, but we did go through seasons of difficulty.  As we look back, we would say the time our oldest child went off to college was the most difficult.  We didn’t know how to transition from being our own family to something that was about to be very different.

What was the best year of your marriage?  Absolutely in the best season of our life right now.  We are learning about humility and selflessness and what that looks like in our marriage.

What is one major thing you learned to make your relationship work?  Both people ABSOLUTELY have to be committed to “working it out” in their marriage.  For us, that looked like us coming together on the couch to work out our hurts, frustrations, and disappointments as well as our dreams, desires, and victories. 

What would you say to your past newlywed self?  Strap yourself in, you are in for an AMAZING adventure!!  You will feel your deepest pains and most exhilarating mountaintop experiences.

What advice would you give to newly married couples?  DROP your expectations of each other.  Expectations can only lead to disappointment. 

April 4, 2019 on Spring break in Florida

  • For example:  Nicole makes coffee for both her and Doug every morning.  For nine days in a row, Nicole makes the coffee, but on the tenth day she doesn’t.  If Doug EXPECTS Nicole to make the coffee, those nine days she meets the minimum requirement and on the tenth day he is disappointed.  If Doug does NOT expect Nicole to make the coffee, on those nine days he is grateful for her and on the tenth day he has grace and it is a non- issue.  This example can be used for anything in your marriage!! 

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