Engagement Photoshoot Must Haves

It’s nearly your photoshoot date and as much as you have dreamt of how perfect your session would go, it’s days away and you still have no outfit!

Now you’ve resorted to panic and checking out Pinterest.

Let me help you out here…Here are the MUSTS for your engagement photoshoot with Snap Studio Weddings.

  1. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration

  2. Check Amazon for your favorite finds. Order a few! Yes, you can return them if you need to!

  3. Schedule your hair, makeup, and nail appointment. Use promo code Snap Studio Bride for your 20% off and FREE consultation.

  4. Relax because now it is taken care of. You really only need a stellar photographer (duh!) and two outfits. You’re all set, it’s that simple!

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Deb. K