When life gets a little messy...

Life happens!

To be honest when I got married, life wasn’t all fairytale like the movie The Notebook. Sure it is what we all show on social media, but it isn’t realistic! Life gets messy! Marriage is freaking hard work, but so worth it if you are able to work through your shit. I know personally, that first year of marriage was possibly the hardest. I think of this often with our couples. Knowing that planning the wedding can be stressful, the wedding is the ultimate high of a mountain. Then once the wedding is over, you go back to living real life. It can be hard to adjust to not planning the wedding, living with your now husband/wife. Even if you have been together forever and living together before…that first year is HARD!

Here’s the thing, when life gets tough, I want you to know it is normal. I also want you to know, it is OK to look for help. I want to share a resource I believe may be helpful at some point in your life. It shows STRENGTH to ask for help.