Whats the process like with Snap Studio?

We are excited to be on this journey with you! Wondering what the process may look like? We simplified it to make it super simple to remember. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out! info@snapstudiomi.com


- Inquiry

- Consultation (in person or online)

- Booking (done online)

- Schedule your engagement photoshoot (at any point before your wedding)

- Photo turn around is 4-6 weeks

- 2 months before your wedding you will be connected with your team, fill out the sample timeline, full balance is due

- Wedding day!

- Sneak peek within 1-2 weeks

- Full turn around for photos is 4-6 weeks. Video turn around is 8-12 weeks.

Once everything is complete you will be sent a USB with all of your photos/videos on it
You will also get a online gallery with all of the high-res portraits, make sure to download these as a backup!


- Schedule your time at SNAPSTUDIOGR.com under contact or photoshoot tabs

- Discuss your photoshoot vision

- Have a amazing photoshoot!

- Sneak peek within 1-2 weeks via your email

- Full turn around is 4-6 weeks. You will get a full online gallery link emailed to you. Be sure to download your album to a secured USB.

- Order prints within 2 months from your photoshoot