Meet your makeup artist

Meet Lauren Maher, your dream team makeup artist!

She has been a professional makeup artist for over three years.

3 fun facts about Lauren
- She sells real estate

- Her favorite color is black.
- She has two fur babies. Olive and MiuMiu.

What Lauren has to say…

“I love what I do because I get to be apart of some of the biggest milestones in peoples lives. I love seeing my clients light up when they see their makeup when I’m done.

What’s different about me is that I provide more than just makeup. I have spent years in the customer service industry and I have carried those traits over with me into the makeup industry to provide an experience that is enjoyable and suited to the clients needs.

My favorite style of work is soft glam. It is still a full face but the colors are neutral with no harsh lines or super bright colors. Although, I do love to play in color every once in a while, my craft is the best when the client wants something glam and glowy.”