Meet your makeup artist Jen


How long have you been doing your craft professionally? 

I have been making young ladies, to our beautiful-mature women, even more gorgeous for over 15 years.

I specialize in bridal, everyday looks, airbrush application, and venturing into Halloween effects.


What are 3 fun facts about you?

Aside from being a mother to a 2year old girl, Juliet, I teach ballet for the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids and operate a small accessories business out of my home.


 Things you enjoy doing? 

Driving and the Beach! I am a car girl who loves the Lakeshore, a quick 30-minute getaway to relax and listen to music!

Day Dreaming about makeup looks and studying international fashion and cosmetic trends by reading trade magazines and perusing the web.




Why do you love what you do?

 I love to see confidence grow through cosmetic education. Ensuring my clients can take the skills they learn with me; home with them.


What makes YOU stand out from everyone else?
A visionary with patience and empathy. I try to make each client comfortable with anticipation of an exciting session! I love to learn about each of my clients. I am just as interested in your life and you might be in mine! 


 How would you describe your style of work? 

Classic, clean, edgy or playful. I build your look based on YOUR vision with the help of my expertise.