Engagement Photoshoot Must Haves

It’s nearly your photoshoot date and as much as you have dreamt of how perfect your session would go, it’s days away and you still have no outfit!

Now you’ve resorted to panic and checking out Pinterest.

Let me help you out here…Here are the MUSTS for your engagement photoshoot with Snap Studio Weddings.

  1. Check out our Pinterest board for inspiration

  2. Check Amazon for your favorite finds. Order a few! Yes, you can return them if you need to!

  3. Schedule your hair, makeup, and nail appointment. Use promo code Snap Studio Bride for your 20% off and FREE consultation.

  4. Relax because now it is taken care of. You really only need a stellar photographer (duh!) and two outfits. You’re all set, it’s that simple!
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8 ways to get more engagement on social media

Earlier this Summer I asked the #GRBossBabes Group and a few friends what it is they wish they knew about social media. With it constantly changing, how can we all keep up! I have answered that a bit in this article and hope you’ll find it helpful. If you still have questions at the end, please feel free to ask away!

Ready or not, here we go, lets jump right in!

1. Do you still need a website, even with social media? A resounding YES!!!! You must have a quality website where your ideal client can find all of your information! Make sure to have a eye catcher within the first 3 seconds of someone going on your website.
I personally hired Justin from 616 Media to go through my entire website and ensure it was up to optimal use.

2. What social media platforms should I be using? Figure out what platform is best for you! In order to know this one, you will have to know who your ideal client is. Personally Twitter does nothing for me. I think I still have a account somewhere out there in the Twitterverse. My clients are on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Those are the platforms I am going to use because I know that is where my client hangs out. It won’t be the same for everyone.

3. How often should I be posting to Instagram? Honestly you should be posting to Instagram twice a day. Look up peak engagement times for each social media platform. Schedule your content within those times. Don’t live your life watching the clock. Schedule your content at the peak times, then go enjoy life!
Check out places like Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule content.

4. Stop selling to your friends 24/7! We get it Jan you sell bottoms that are softer than butter and prettier than Toddlers in tiaras. Your friends don't like being sold to. Use the 80/20 rule. 80% tips, tricks, behind the scenes, who you are, what problem you solve. Then 20% "hey, I sell this thing, come buy from me!" When was the last time you did a introduction? When was the last time you purchased something from your friend on Facebook? Support your friends, be genuine, stop just trying to sell to them five times a day.

5. How should I be using highlights on Instagram? Instagram is all about engagement. What is a good way to get your following to spend more time on your page and become mega fans? Use your highlights to feature your BEST content and information about who you are, what you have to offer, and what problem you solve! Once your highlights are set up you can create a call to action. Example: Check out my top five 6 second, 2 calorie meals in my highlights." It gets your followers to go on your page and browse around again. They probably haven’t even been on there since they hit the glorious “follow” button.

6. True or false? It is TRUE, Instagram favors pages that use all of the features and have quick engagement after they post something new. Start experimenting and watch your engagement GROW!

7. Does it change engagement if you have a personal vs. business IG? As of right now thats a no, it doesn’t. However business profiles do offer more perks.

8. Four tips that weren’t questions!!
-Never, ever post to your Facebook business page from Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg wants Facebook and Instagram to be two different things. Facebook is for friends. If you are posting to FB from IG, your post will get super low views. Post different content for each platform.

-Business pages with 10k+ followers get the nifty swipe up feature on their stories.

-Schedule your content. Be consistent! Engage! Ask questions! Be real!

-Yes Instagram is owned by Facebook. Yes, they want you to pay for ADs...sad face.

-Do I personally do all of these things? Nope! I pick and choose what I want to utilize. Could I be better at it? Heck yes! There is always room to grow :) Social media is one of those ever changing platforms. I honestly prefer email, snail mail, networking groups, giveaways and so on.

Still have questions? Ask away!! I am eager to answer! I also want to hear what it is YOU wish you knew about social media!

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