Meet The Team

Aka your personal ninjas


Deb Kalsbeek - Owner of Snap Studio and BE.
Co-owner of SnapJoy studio and wias.
Co-leader of rising tide society on the lakeshore, Muskegon biz babe and leader of #GRBB

Ten years and over 250 weddings in experience. Deb lives on coffee, fun-fetti ice cream, and sprinkles!

Mom, multi-entrepreneur.


Bethany Joy - Owner of Bethany Joy Photo and co-owner of Snapjoy studio

Over six years in business, a few hundred photoshoots and over 100 weddings in experience.
Bethany loves to flex her creative muscles while drinking her coffee black.
Mom, multi-entrepreneur.

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*Individual photos coming soon!*
- Deb
- Bethany
- Stephen
- Lisa
- Amy

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- Do Walschots